The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) is a nonprofit research partner of the American Trucking Associations. Since 2002, ATRI has partnered with the trucking industry to continuously collect GPS data on key national corridors, using data from nearly 1 million heavy-duty trucks in North America. Currently, ATRI collects more than 100 million GPS data points per day.

DataSF is an open data sharing and analysis platform for the city of San Francisco​ containing over 500 datasets, many of which can be directly relevant to transportation applications.

With access to one of the world’s largest organically grown transportation datasets, Geotab ITS aggregates millions of vehicles worth of telematics data to produce actionable transportation insights and analytics for transportation leaders across North America. These insights are provided in a modular, open platform so that our customers can quickly interact with the data and integrate it into internal systems, processes, and workflows.

The HPMS is a national level highway information system that includes data on the extent, condition, performance, use, and operating characteristics of the Nation's highways. In general, the HPMS contains administrative and extent of system information on all public roads, while information on other characteristics is represented in HPMS as a mix of universe and sample data for arterial and collector functional systems.

The University of California, Berkeley Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology (PATH) and Caltrans have developed an open source architecture for an ICM Data Hub for the I-210 Pilot project.

INRIX data is recorded from mobile phones, connected cars, trucks, delivery vans, and other fleet vehicles equipped with GPS locator devices and provides data for personal and freight truck movement. INRIX data is available through a license agreement via a web-based platform and application programming interfaces. Roadway locations are referenced using traffic message channels (TMCs).

An open source portal of publicly available, reusable, and open ITS research projects and data management tools. ITS DataHub enables free access to research datasets and associated documentation in near-real time and decreases the time from research to insight. Users can directly connect and contribute to the ITS DataHub community and open data by hosting new data, generating data stories, creating data visualizations, downloading data, or recommending improvements.

The KM4City Ecosystem is a complete, open-source, modern data solution for smart cities. The ecosystem is implemented using data from 33 cities and regions across Europe and supports many smart city dashboards and applications. This includes mobile applications accessible to both the public agencies and the general public.

The Mobility Data Collaborative is a forum, established by SAE ITC, for public and private sector participants to develop frameworks for mobility data sharing. The group is comprised of public sector agencies, mobility operators, data analysis companies, and membership organizations such as the North American Bikeshare Association and the New Urban Mobility Alliance.

Mobility Data State of Practice is a set of links, maintained by the Open Mobility Foundation, to a diverse set of policy and technical resources related to handling and protection of shared mobility data.