Welcome to the NCHRP 08-119 online resource website. The objective of the NCHRP 08-119 project was to develop tools, methods, and guidance for improving data integration, sharing, and management practices to enable transportation agencies, in collaboration with private-sector and public-sector stakeholders, to make better planning and operations decisions.

The purpose of this website is to provide users with easy-to-find resources and materials discovered and created during the NCHRP 08-119 research project. The content reflects research conducted from Phase I of the project (conducted between September 2019 and August 2020) and has been categorized in terms of data “application areas” (e.g., work zone, crowdsourced, planning, shared mobility). Within these application areas, users can find resources to support improved sharing, integration, and management of data for improved decision-making.

Additionally, users can find overviews of each of the 11 products created as part of the NCHRP 08-119 project under the “Research Products” tab. The full products will be available as part of the NCHRP 08-119 comprehensive final research report on TRB’s website at https://apps.trb.org/cmsfeed/TRBNetProjectDisplay.asp?ProjectID=4543.

NCHRP 08-119 Products Under Development

Based on the findings from the Phase I research and the recommendations of the project panel, the research team developed the following 11 products:

  • A Data Decision Tree for Big Data in Freight Transportation Planning and Operations
  • Freight Data Interoperability Framework
  • Use of Waze for Cities Partnership Data for Operations and Planning
  • Vehicle Probe Data Primer
  • Guide to Improving the Sharing, Quality, and Management of Data to Support Traffic Incident
    Management (TIM) Use Cases
  • Uses of Smart Work Zone Devices for Work Zone Data Feeds: Five Case Studies
  • Shared Mobility Data: A Resource Guide
  • Managing Sensitive Shared Mobility Data
  • LinkerAT: Guidance and Demonstration for Improved Conflation and Geodata Reference Process
  • Opportunities and Challenges to Improve Data Use on Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) Systems
  • Using Connected Vehicle Data for Transportation System Management

An overview of each of these products is provided under the Research Products tab.