The Using Connected Vehicle Data for Transportation System Management document helps bridge the gap between CV and intelligent transportation systems (ITS), and identifies opportunities to develop CV infrastructure, while advancing the quality and resolution of data supporting transportations systems management. The document contains information on the following topics:

  • Governing standards for both Dedicated Short-Range Communication (DSRC) and Cellular Vehicle to Everything (C-V2X) communication technologies.
  • Standards for CV data and on-board equipment from the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).
  • Architecture Reference for Cooperative and Intelligent Transportation (ARC-IT).
  • Information on the use of CV data for transportation system management and data fusion methodologies.
  • Data from vehicular CV applications to improve transportation system management, including insights on three scenarios related to data transmissions from vehicular CV systems: 1) the use of these data to manage arterial and highway systems; 2) how the data are provided back to the traveling public (e.g., warn motorist of pending congestion, weather, and incident); and 3) how the data support automated safety programs (e.g., queue warning and wrong way driving alerts).
  • Data from pedestrian and cyclist CV applications to improve transportation system management.
  • Summary and recommendations for future work.

The document discusses these topics in the context of two types of transportation management: vehicular system management and pedestrian system management. 

The intended audience for this document includes public agency staff, consultants, researchers, and educators involved in work related to:

  • Development of transportation management systems
  • Performance reporting for transportation systems
  • Project programming and management for ITS improvements
  • Regional planning efforts for transportation projects

This includes, but is not limited to, transportation management center (TMC) directors, transportation systems management & operations (TSMO) professionals, project managers, transportation agency planners and engineers, data analysts, and researchers