A Practical City Guide to Mobility Data Licensing is a short online article providing guidance, from a public agencies’ perspective, on drafting data sharing agreements.

A Practical Guide to Mobility Data Sharing and Cities is a 20-page guide identifies several use cases and the data needed for these use cases, current methods for data sharing and analysis, and data privacy challenges. The paper provides a good high-level introduction and overview of all the major topics related to the use of shared mobility data.

The AASHTO Committee on Data Management and Analytics is dedicated to addressing issues related to knowledge, expertise, resources, and tools needed by State DOTs to implement a robust data management and analytics program within their agencies. https://data.transportation.org/

The Active Transportation and Demand Management (ATDM) program is intended to support agencies and regions considering moving towards an active management approach. Through customized workshops, tools, guidance documents, resources, and peer exchanges, the program can assist with technical support to implement ATDM strategies.

This report provides a review of several implementations of ICM and documents lessons learned and best practices.

This document provides practical guidance and a handy Reference Manual to assist state DOTs in moving forward to meet the new Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) requirements for the submittal of complete, all roads inventories and linear-referenced networks for every state and territory. This requirement is known as ARNOLD – the All Road Network of Linear Referenced Data.

Brief for Justin Sanchez and Eric Alejo v. Los Angeles Department of Transportation and the City of Los Angeles is a legal brief challenging the legality of LADOT requiring the provision of detailed, location-specific trip data from dockless mobility providers.

Business Regulations: Transportation Network Companies: Data Reporting by the City of Seattle regulations specifying the data collection, maintenance, and reporting requirements for taxicab associations, for-hire vehicle companies and transportation network companies (TNCs).

CDS-M Use Case: From Policy Needs to Use Cases is a 15-page paper that begins to describe the application data needs for the City Data Specification for Mobility (CDS-M), which is under development in the Netherlands.

Charlotte Takes E-Scooter Data for a Test Ride is a short article describing Charlotte, North Carolina’s e-scooter pilot program and how data is used to make decisions on how to move forward.