The University of California, Berkeley Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology (PATH) and Caltrans have developed an open source architecture for an ICM Data Hub for the I-210 Pilot project. 1  The aspiration is that the data hub could be used by all stakeholder districts and agencies through standard protocols. However, according to a developer familiar with the work, they realized that open sourcing was not that easy to implement. TMDD was being used by everyone, but each approached data use differently. Also, while Hadoop offers a free license, other unexpected costs came up. The developer interviewed indicated that the sheer size and complexity of the data required another $100K to $250K per year to manage the open source system. Others involved in work done on other ICMs across the country, such as SANDAG and Florida DOT District 5, observed that standards would only address 70-80% of needs, with more customized solutions resulting.

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