FHWA’s Every Day Counts Round 5 (EDC-5), and now EDC-6, Crowdsourcing for Operations innovation is the best source of information on the current state of practice in the use of crowdsourced data by transportation agencies. The goal of this innovation is to increase the number of agencies that use crowdsourced data to better operate the transportation system through new, cost-effective, and proactive operational strategies and applications. During calendar years 2019 and 2020, the FHWA EDC-5 Crowdsourcing team worked with over 30 states to advance the state of practice in using crowdsourced data to enhance a wide range of operational applications. The includes early detection of incidents, traveler information, traffic signal retiming/studies, road weather management, and detour route management. Now as part of Every Day Counts Round 6, the Crowdsourcing team continues to support over 30 states and local agencies (some of which were a part of EDC-5 and some of which are new to implementation). 

The EDC-5 and EDC-6 Crowdsourcing for Operations websites contain an overview of the innovation, as well as additional resources including a summary of crowdsourcing applications (by application type and agency), five case studies posted on the EDC-5 website, a fact sheet, a crowdsourcing storyboard, and frequently asked questions (FAQs). The Adventures in Crowdsourcing Webinar Series is an ongoing series of webinars (14 to date) on various crowdsourcing applications, as well as crowdsourced data validation, management, and governance. Speaker presentations and a recording of each webinar are available for download.

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