NUMO is a global organization of cities, NGO’s, companies, mobility service providers and community advocates that work together to implement the Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Cities. One focus area for NUMO is micromobility.

NUMO is a global alliance focused on urban transportation policies that benefit all residents. 

One focus area for NUMO is micromobility. They have three major initiatives in this area: The NUMO New Micromobility Atlas, the Shared Micromobility Playbook, and the Micromobility & Your City: Leveraging Data to Achieve Policy Outcomes.

The NUMO Micromobility Atlas tracks micromobility programs around the world. As of January 2021, they tracked dockless scooter, bicycles, and moped deployments across 626 cities in 53 countries, which includes 127 mobility service providers. The data is all open source and available for download. 

The Shared Micromobility Playbook, originally developed by Transportation for America, is a policy guidebook for communities and addresses eight topics: 

  • General Provisions
  • Operations
  • Equipment & Safety
  • Parking & Street Design
  • Equity
  • Communications & Community Engagement
  • Data
  • Metrics

The Micromobility and Your City project has produced Leveraging Data to Achieve Policy Outcomes, an interactive, web-based tool for selecting outcome measures of interest, defining specific metrics for each outcome, and identifying the data needed for the metric. The focus is on safe, sustainable, and equitable services.