California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regulations specifying the data collection, maintenance, and reporting requirements for transportation network companies (TNCs).

This regulation 1 defines the annual data reporting requirements for TNCs. It provides a data dictionary reference and Excel templates for reporting. Numerical reports must be filed in Excel or comma separated value format, while narrative reports must be provided in PDF format.

The reporting requirements are extensive, with twenty different report types listed: 

  • Driver Names & IDs
  • Accessibility Report (Confidential)
  • Accessibility Report (Public)
  • Accessibility Complaints (Confidential)
  • Accessibility Complaints (Public)
  • Accident & Incidents
  • Assaults & Harassments
  • 50,000+ Miles
  • Number of Hours
  • Number of Miles
  • Driver Training
  • Law Enforcement Citations
  • Off-platform Solicitation
  • Aggregated Requests Accepted
  • Requests Accepted
  • Aggregated Requests Not Accepted
  • Requests Not Accepted
  • Suspended Drivers
  • Total Violations & Incidents
  • Zero Tolerance
  • 1California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). (n.d.). Required Reports TNCs Must Provide the CPUC. Retrieved March 3, 2021, from California Public Utilities Commission.