As part of the NCHRP 08-119 project, a Data Sharing Resources Guide for Shared Mobility Data is under development. This guide provides an overview of key issues facing the management of shared mobility data, detailed guidance on the resources (standards, policies, model documents, organizations, etc.) that are available, and a detailed assessment of the information or other support that each resource provides. This document serves as a single, comprehensive guide to the material that is available to help practitioners establish and operate an effective system for shared mobility data management. 


The Data Sharing Resources Guide for Shared Mobility Data will be available for download on this page in January 2022. Additionally, each individual resource will be summarized separately on this page. The guide’s resources are organized as follows:


  • Literature and Online Resources – Include articles and websites that provide information on shared mobility data management. These resources range from short articles or summaries, to extensive guides.
  • Sample Documents or Agreements – these are examples of permitting or license agreement terms that public agencies are using to regulate the exchange of information between shared mobility service providers and public agencies.
  • Data Standards and Software Tools – these resources include standards for data formats and data exchange, as well as open source software tools that have been written to support the implementation and use of these standards.
  • Organizations that are active in providing resources related to shared mobility data. Three of these are membership organizations that public agencies may also wish to consider joining or participating in their work.
  • Sample Public Dashboards and Data Sets – these include representative public data sets, visualizations, and dashboards.